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In Other News...

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Oct. 1st, 2010 | 03:21 pm

You know what I love? This guy...


I think one of my all time favorite Gamera scenes is at the end of Gamera: Advent of Legion, after Gamera has defeated the evil alien threat and everything is safe again. Everyone's relieved, and the main characters are all walking and laughing and talking about how great Gamera is, when the main scientist lady is suddenly like: "Gamera's job is to protect the planet! And if humans continue to pollute the earth then Gamera will be very angry!" Then she just stares straight into the camera for an uncomfortable period of time. Then Gamera roars. Then the movie ends.

In other news, the White River Pirates comic I did awhile back is currently appearing in this week's Seven Days Magazine! The comic is a jam between me and my good friend Nick Patten, and was reformatted and colored by the amazingly talented Joseph Lambert. If you're in Vermont you should be able to pick it up anywhere that fun alternative weeklies are to be found, and if you're not then you can just read it online over here.

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Josh Rosen

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from: tasteslikeevil
date: Oct. 2nd, 2010 07:32 pm (UTC)

Yeah, I agree. I'm glad that the third one at least sort of addressed the whole Gamera is not necessarily on humanity's side thing with the whole emphasis on the collateral damage that he causes, but they TOTALLY could have taken it further.

I think Little Braves is still my favorite overall though. And I like that it sort of played reference to the 90s trilogy, with showing the death scene at the start to give a bit more closure. And then the fact that part of that movie's main conflict was everyone being like, "Geez, I hope Toto doesn't grow up to be as crazy as that last Gamera was! That guy was really intense!!"

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from: anonymous
date: Oct. 28th, 2010 01:07 am (UTC)

The Landlubber Pirates, by Robin Banks

Once upon a time there was a band of pirates. At least, they called themselves pirates, and they wore what they thought were pirate outfits -- black eyepatches, filthy bandanas and hats, worn-out parts of sailors' uniforms, and so on. They spoke in slang that they believed to be quite piratish: "Arr, matey! Shiver me timbers! Walk the plank!"

However, despite their clothing and speech and self-identification as pirates, they never left shore. In fact, they spent most of their time on the beach, using an old tarnished spyglass to watch other pirates put out to sea or make raids on frigates.

"Yarrrr!" they would shout when they spotted a pirate ship overtaking a merchant vessel. "Board 'em! Board 'em! No mercy for the merchant scum!" At the height of their excitement they would often unfurl a battered old Jolly Roger and wave it frantically in support of their seagoing brethren.

Every now and then a pirate ship would weigh anchor in the bay and send a boat ashore. The pro-pirate landlubbers would greet the real pirates as if they were partners in crime. If the pirates had never encountered the landlubbers before, they would treat them as fellow pirates, simply because their language and clothing were so convincing. However, over time, most pirates discovered that this strange band had never actually been on a ship, let alone committed acts of piracy. Thereafter they ignored the impostor pirates, or treated them with barely concealed contempt.

One day the band of beach pirates were scanning the horizon with their battered spyglass. They spotted a pirate ship hiding in a cove, and another patrolling the shallow waters to the west. In the distance they saw a large merchant frigate approaching.

"Oh joy! Today we can loot and burn another vessel!" they exclaimed as they watched the merchant frigate draw within reach of the two pirate ships. The pirates in the western shallow waters began sailing towards the merchant frigate, while the pirates in the cove raised their sails and began cutting off the frigate's escape route.

Much to the surprise of the beach pirates, the real pirate ships sailed alongside the merchant frigate and greeted its crew with hails of familiarity. The frigate crew appeared to be happy to see the pirates. What was going on?

For the rest: http://peoplespension.infoshop.org/page/The-Landlubber-Pirates

with love,


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